Female Panderan Revealed

Female Pandaren mystery silhouette

Before the reveal on March 19, 2012

Yesterday there was a bit of excitement (at least from me) about what the female Pandarens will look like from my TNB interview. I was particularly interested as I plan on creating one, at the very least, to play through the starting zone. This is something I always do when they bring in new playable races.

At 6pm local time today, a HUGE amount of information was released regarding the upcoming expansion. I won’t relay the info here as you can see it all on MMO-Champion. But since I was excited about the female Pandarens (among other things), I’m going to focus on what we’ve seen today. Namely, the reveal of the mystery silhouette that was released earlier in the month. Not only that but you can see our shoes! Read it and weep Taurens and Worgens :P

Female Pandaren revealed

I wonder if I can send this outfit to Cymre? ;P

Taking a break from tending the crops


Time for reflection and meditation

Other things I’m looking forward to:

  • The final patch will involve taking down Garrosh! Sounds epic.
  • An 11th character slot has been added.
  • What a View – Visit each of the 10,000 waterfalls in Pandaria as an achievement. This sounds like an extreme number, esp for seven areas but if you look at one the screenshots Bliz has posted, there’s a HUGE number of waterfalls just in the one area. So this sounds like the trick to getting the achievement.
  • Scenarios will take place at level 90, in an instance, and reward reputation and Valor points. The fact that you don’t need a set group make up, I think is great.
  • Challenge Modes – earn medals, achievements and titles. I’m all for that kind of stuff. Even earn a set of transmog gear. Hello? and even a unique epic flying mount after completing all of the gold medals.
  • Raise your own Cloud Serpent – the Pandaren’s mount, by doing 20 days worth of daily quests. Sounds like the baby raptor we raised a while ago.
  • Tillers faction = Farmville comes to WoW. I never played this game in fb, closest I came was SPP Ranch. I can totally see myself tending to my own farm every day.
  • There are now two extra zones, meaning a total of seven making levelling less boring. Great if you plan on levelling more than one character. They say variety is the spice of life so I guess only time will tell.
  • Archaeology changes – may get random creature spawns from digging that will drop more fragments when killed. It also may get a rare drop that will transport you to the next dig site. Sounds great!
  • Cooking specializations – steaming, frying, broiling. Each is related to one of the primary stats, like Intellect. Ooh!
  • PvP pet battles will only track the number of wins. This one intrigues me as I love pets (hunter and non-combat) so I can totally see myself farming these new pets in the wild. I think I might see a new menu item come x-pac ;P
  • The Pre Mists of Pandaria Patch will be roughly two weeks before launch and bring simple rewards. Possibly involving a scenario with Theramore and the Alliance vs Horde theme. Chen Stormstout might also come to the local cities and get players excited about what is coming. I really hope this happens…

I don’t know about you but I’m excited. How about you guys? Who’s going to make a Pandaren come x-pac?

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