Three Steps Closer

A full clear of Dragon Soul yesterday meant we had the whole afternoon to do some old raiding. We were going to see how many turned up to do some Guild credit runs for the older raids but only had seven on so we headed over to Ulduar to do some 25 raiding.

A couple of attempts at Algalon with our partial group of eight proved quite difficult on 25. We eventually had another go with our group of nine getting Algalon down with some new titles for some.

By the time we got to Kologarn we had nine in the raid. One extra person really does make the difference as we breezed through the other bosses pretty quickly; even doing a few on Hard mode. It also helps when one of our healers doesn’t get locked out for the Iron Council fight :P

Ulduar is still one of my favourite raids in the game. The fights were so varied and technical back then. Nowadays, you can pretty much ignore a lot of the strategy involved. There are still a few items I have been coveting in there for transmog purposes but sadly none of those dropped today.

Yogg proved to be too much on 25 so we did set it back to 10 for that. Even with several switcheroos, we managed to clear the place a little past our regular time allocated. Although, I don’t think the few who hadn’t done the fights before minded, as well as the bevy of achievements to go around. The transmog gear was another perk but I have to admit, the most exciting thing for me was that I was three steps closer to getting Val’anyr! This brings my total to seven. I know I have a long way to go but with the help of my friends and Guildies I know it will happen eventually.

Author: Cymre

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