Dun Morogh Rares

Dun Morogh is the snowy starting zone for Dwarfs and Gnomes in central Eastern Kingdoms. New players learn the basics of questing by fighting leper gnomes from Gnomeregan as well as safely transporting ale. This zone is reached on foot via a series of elaborate connecting tunnels not found anywhere else in Azeroth.

This zone contains both the capital city of Ironforge and the instance Gnomeregan.

He used to drop the Foreman Vest

Find out more about Gibblewilt

Nice looking Hunter pet if you like Wolves

This one was tricky to find as he was not in the cave the first time

This massive beast waits for you at the back of the Grizzled Den

Another Hunter pet option if Bears are more to your liking


Something about Hammerspine seems awfully familiar…

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