What’s in a number?

It started out with good intentions. Earlier today, Coolidge and I went into ULD25 to kill the first boss. We do this quite often, the first time was to help me get It’s over 9000! in achievement points. Other times we try to do as much as we can as we’re trying to work on the next legendary for the Guild achievement and for personal reasons. So anyway, we cleared the first boss as intended and had some time before our raid was due to start for DS, so we hung around in Org until it was time to start inviting.

The raid started a bit later today as we waited for people to log over and needed to find two puggers to fill out our group. As the norm now,  we’re two-healing for the first six bosses in the place, minus Zon’ozz. However, opening trash seemed to be going a little slow. I put it down to the DPS being a little low. Anyway, fighting Morchok seemed to be going ok until I noticed us taking a lot of damage, especially on the Resonating Crystals. Although we had at least three people running to crystals, there was still a lot of damage going around. We even lost Zes who was the other healer with me and I knew something was up. A little over two minutes into the fight, one of our puggers said “It’s set to 25”. Doh! Interestedly enough we didn’t wipe straight away. Since everyone was so amused we kept doing what we were doing getting him to 81% before we called a wiped.

Things certainly went smoother after that but there were a few funny moments.

  • I still had my Kirin Tor ring on from earlier healing past Morchok. Some things never change ;P
  • Az couldn’t bring himself to put down his sandwich during Zon’ozz and forgot to change his seal for most of the fight.
  • Shredi forgot to switch out her gear for Yor’sahj having her heal gear on when she was going kitty.
  • I was having trouble adding the boss names to my loot addon since I kept getting the error – boss name is not in this instance lock… Say what?? It was then that I realised that the raid was still set for Ulduar… Grr

After the raid, Cool and I went into Ony’s Lair with our Shadow/Prot combo. The trash seemed to take ages to die. I was wondering what was up. When we started on Ony her health was not going down much at all. On our way back to our bodies, Cool realised that it was set to 25 again. OMG!

So after setting it to 10 mode for the second time today, we gave it another go and of course it went a lot smoother. Three raids in 25 mode and only one was intended. Geez.

I think we both deserve an early night ;P

Author: Cymre

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