Beasts of Karazhan

When we first started our first Horde Guild on Khadgar, Karazhan was the first raid we ventured into. Not much different from now, recruitment was slow but it did not deter us from trying. There were three random beasts who became available as optional bosses. I used to think of them as rare spawns because you had to force an appearance. However this isn’t really the case. I was always eager to encounter all three. The loot they dropped were epic-quality random enchantment types, which weren’t too bad at the time.

Back then it could take a while before one appeared. Luckily you didn’t have to clear the entire area for a boss to spawn. It usually appeared after a certain number of kills – an emote, such as ‘Hyakiss the Lurker emerges from…’ would occur. These bosses did not lock you to a raid ID either so this area was useful for new raid groups in building confidence and speed levelling everyone’s reputation to honoured so that Koren (an NPC inside) could be used to repair. It appears we only killed these beasts five times after we managed to encounter all three. Once we managed to get the rep for everyone, we decided to skip this section entirely.

Below are some of the entries from our raid encounters (taken from our first Guild website).

Hyakiss the Lurker

21 July 2007 – Moroes CHECK!
What started as a typical day with Attuman and Midnight, slowly evolved into something else when the optional beast boss – Hyakiss the Lurker announced himself to us. Down he went on one easy try. Next came Maiden. They say third time’s the charm right? It certainly was this time. The group now motivated to try Moroes, were pretty close to adding another boss to the tally. We knew we had it in the bag for our second attempt though and before long it was a certainty. Down he went with only 2 CC’s to boot. Well done MischiefUs and friends!

02 February, 2008 – MischiefUs Achieves New Record
Five people ventured into Kara today all set to clear a few trash mobs and before we knew it we had cleared the way to the Huntsman. With only a second to spare we engaged Attumen in combat and shortly after that we had the Huntsman and his steed dead with zero casualties no less. Working our way upstairs, we managed a couple of attempts at the Maiden getting her to ~50%, the day ending with a successful first attempt at the Spider boss.

A pretty exceptional effort for 1 tank, 2 healers and 2 dps. Well done everyone!

Hyakiss the Lurker

Lurker’s Grasp of the Bandit
Lurker’s Cord of Intellect

Shadikith the Glider

01 September, 2007 – Mammoth Effort
You could say we made up for lost time in Kara today after last week’s effort. That is just a distant memory now with our ‘Wham Bam thankyou Mam’moth effort! With an abundance of CC combos we quickly breezed through the Huntsman > Maiden > Moroes and Opera.

The Opera event!

It seems for the time being we were destined to be stuck in some sort of Twilight Zone starring the Big Bad Wolf himself. Never-the-less we took him down with ease and ended the day with Shadikith the Glider – the second out of three optional beast bosses.

14 October 2007 – Novelty Group
Well it felt like things were back on track today. Not only did we down Maiden and the Beast boss with 9 but with the addition of another off-tank to fill out the group (which is unusual for us) we successfully took down Attumen and his steed, Moroes and completed the Opera event.

Shadikith the Glider
Glider’s Greaves of Stamina
Glider’s Greaves (Mail, Sta/Int)

Rokad the Ravager (image from Navimie)

08 September, 2007 – Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
So there we were, Attumen and Moroes dead within the hour. Next came Maiden, another boss we have on farm status now. But the highlight of the day came from not one but two new events for us as a Guild. Barnes offered some welcome news when he introduced Dorothee and friends. Before we knew it we were fighting The Crone. Last but not least, we decided to leave things on a high note by attempting the Beast boss – Rokad the Ravager, the third of the optional beast bosses we had yet to encounter.

Rokad the Ravager
Ravager’s Bracers of Stamina


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