The Maul

If you venture into Dire Maul, without the luxury of zoning in, it’s hard to miss the huge pit located outside the three instance wings in the middle of the Broken Commons. Before Cataclysm, entering the Maul would flag players for PVA (Player vs. All) which allowed them to attack and kill other players in the Maul, regardless of faction, much like the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. The only difference would be if you were already in a party.

The easiest way to enter the Maul was to simply jump down into the arena. Alternatively, you could enter via a doorway on the west side of the commons that takes you into a tunnel leading past packs of sleeping Gordok hyenas. However, since there was usually a race to tag the opponent, people would usually just drop down at the risk of taking fall damage and possibly dying from another competitor taking out the competition. Once the fight began, the double doors to the only exit sealed shut, opening only once the fight was over. This tunnel was the only exit from the Maul, unless of course you hearthed.

An NPC named Griniblix the Spectator would enthusiastically yell that one of three random spawns had appeared. He could be heard by anybody inside any part of Dire Maul. These three opponents would wait in the pit for brave gladiators to face: either The Razza, Skarr the Unbreakable or Mushgog. It’s interesting to note that the Maul no longer flags you so if you have a dig there, don’t be afraid to fly into the arena if you wish.

Skarr the Unbreakable

Skarr the Unbreakable had four abilities:

  • Cleave – Inflict 110% of normal melee damage to an enemy and its nearest ally.
  • Mortal Strike – Inflict 300% weapon damage and leave the target wounded, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 5 sec.
  • Knockdown – Inflict 32 to 48 damage to an enemy, stunning it for 2 sec.
  • Summon Player – Teleported the target in front of you. This was cast if the player was attacking the enemy from outside the arena.

He was a popular spawn since he had a high drop rate of ~12% for the Orb of Deception.

Skarr the Broken

Skarr the Broken now spawns in the mountains of the East section of the Lower Wilds. I’ve been told that there’s a spike sticking up from the ground where he sits which might suggest why he looks so unhappy and well… broken.

The Razza

The Razza had three abilities:

  • Poison Bolt – Shot poison at an enemy, inflicting 150 to 200 Nature damage, then an additional 100 damage every 5 sec. for 10 sec.
  • Chain Lightning – Strike an enemy with a lightning bolt for 463 to 537 Nature damage that arced to another nearby enemy. The spell affected up to 10 targets, inflicting greater Nature damage to each successive target.
  • Summon Player – Teleported the target in front of you. This was cast if the player was attacking the enemy from outside the arena.

The Razza

After Cataclysm, The Razza can be found in an abandoned Gnoll camp in the Lower Wilds of south-east Feralas, west of New Thalanaar. If you can’t fly you’ll need to follow a path high into the mountains at the base of 83, 46. He’s an exotic beast tameable by BM hunters and even has a new skin.


Mushgog had three abilities:

  • Entangling Roots – Entangled an enemy in roots, inflicting 25 Nature damage every 3 sec. and immobilising it for up to 10 sec.
  • Thorn Volley – Dealt 150 damage to nearby enemies, knocking them down for 2 sec.
  • Summon Player – Teleported the target in front of you. This was cast if the player was attacking the enemy from outside the arena.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a picture of Mushgog pre-Cataclysm. These days you’ll find him wandering around Woodpaw Hills.

On a side note, at 76, 48 in Feralas you can still find Griniblix the Spectator. If you talk to him he says “Listen, if you’re headed for a fight, Skarr was headed towards the Lariss Pavillion, and The Razza was soaring in the direction of New Thalanaar”.

All three don’t seem to share a spawn timer. I managed to find Skarr and Razza up at the same time within a couple of minutes of each other. Mushgog wasn’t up when I went looking for him initially. But I didn’t have to wait too long either, he spawned within half an hour, allowing me to get some nice shots of all three. In the Maul, they were known for some nice blue drops. Nowadays, they drop green quality items which are suitable for levelling in the area.

Playing around in the Arena

Back then we spent quite a lot of time in Dire Maul and managed to see and kill the rare spawns several times. On this particular day, I could see our lock in the pic was stuck in some funny pose. His arm was stuck in the air and I think I was the only person who could see it hence the pic.

On another occasion I have to admit I helped cause the death of a certain Druid. As a joke I shot him and some of the others in our group joined in. As his health got low, I decided to turn my character around thinking I would stop auto-shooting him in time. I was wrong. In my attempt to stop attacking, I still managed to give him the final blow, killing him. To this day I still feel sorry for this even though he brings it up from time to time, half-joking, I still feel bad about it so for that I’m sorry =/

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  1. I didn’t know they no longer appeared in the Maul. I’ll have to take a trip to Feralas and see if I can find any of them to say hello.

    Poor Druid, I’ll bet he gets flashbacks if he visits Feralas!

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  2. I got my Orb of Deception from one of those rares!

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  3. Now I know why you were asking me about Mushgog. Nice post, and poor Hugadarn, I remember that!

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    • @Coolidge – I think the years have warped your memory of the incident. Not that I can blame you. There was no evil laugh, esp. once you died. It was more shock that we actually helped kill you =/

      @Ancient – It was pretty common for me to have a dig in the Broken Commons area and never seems to see any of them after Cata. Now we now why.

      @Roshii – I didn’t remember the drop was so high but they all dropped some pretty nice stuff.

      @Navimie – Yep, but oh well. Cool reminded me that we were in a Raid that’s why he was in a different party than the rest of us.

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  4. Thank you sooo much for putting this together! I just recently had to go back to Dire Maul to complete some achievements and it was a nightmare trying to find my way around in there. Also a bit of a letdown, too. I was stoked to see what had happened in Feralas since the Cataclysm, but the new soundtrack just kills it for me. :(

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