Jadefang is a rare shale spider that resides deep inside the underground caves of Deepholm. Getting to him requires a little bit of effort as he spawns on a ledge too high to access by foot. The rare itself is popular for two reasons: it is the only green model in the game and may be tameable by a BM Hunter; not only that but he is guaranteed to drop the cute Tiny Shale Spider vanity pet. When I was levelling in Deepholm, it was hard to decide whether I wanted to kill the rare for the pet or tame this guy on my hunter as my first priority. Since I always focus on levelling my main first, it was almost a given that I would get the non-combat pet first.

Tiny Shale Spider

Hunter pet and Tiny Shale Spider

The most consistent way I found to get onto Jadefang’s ledge would be to pick up the Quest – Underground Economy offered as a possible Theramore daily from a Goblin NPC named Ricket in the Crumbling Depths. The daily gives you an item called Ricket’s Tickers which is used to explode crystals around the caves, then gather them.

To reach the upper ledge, use Ricket’s Tickers by blasting yourself up to the first ledge to where you normally rescue Pebble for the Daily quest Lost In The Deeps (or just ride around if your prefer). Once you’re up on the first ledge angle yourself with your back facing the second ledge, blasting yourself onto the upper ledge. It may take a couple of tries to position yourself correctly, but is relatively easy after some practice. Goblin racials have also been said to work for this purpose.

To check if he’s in the cave however, sitting at the bottom of the ledge with beast tracking on may not always give you a positive result since he’s pretty far in the back so you may end up with a false negative. You can either ride/blast yourself up to the first ledge and angle yourself so you can see the back of the dead end cave or ride around the first tunnel to the left until you can see the back of the cave on the minimap. If he’s there, his dot will be easy to see.

All-in-all, if you’re after a funky looking exotic pet or cute little non-combat pet, the choice is yours.

Vashj’ir Rares

Vash’jir is the only zone completely underwater. Players receive underwater breathing, swim speed buffs, and eventually a sea horse mount early on in questing to make transportation easier. Players learn about the history of the Highborne, as this city was home to Lady Vashj before the Sundering. We also learn about the threat of Ozumat, culminating in a battle between Neptulon and the naga. Unfortunately, I left the zone prior to finishing the chain so I didn’t get the whole story before entering the dungeon: Throne of the Tides.

Kelp’thar Forest is the first subzone players reach when questing in Vash’jir. It has tropical underwater life and is closer to the surface than other subzones. Quests introduce the threat of the naga while also reacquainting the player with stranded members of the Zul’Aman exploratory crew.

The Shimmering Expanse is the second subzone of Vash’jir. It contains The Earthen Ring quartermaster in Silver Tide Hollow, the only flight point in the zone, and tons of Azshara’s Veil. In this section, players learn about the highborne’s past and the threat of the naga through the eyes of Battlemaidens.

One of the most popular reasons to revisit the area, post questing is for two rares in particular, Burgy Blackheart and Poseidus, who drops the Reins of Poseidus.

Abyssal Depths is the last, and darkest zone, which players reach when questing in Vash’jir. They are home to the ancient god L’ghorek, which the Twilight Hammer is siphoning energy from to be prepared when fighting Neptulon in the future.

Burgy Blackheart

In the depths of the Shimmering Expanse there’s a ghostly gnome named Burgy Blackheart. The most notable thing about him is the 100% droprate of Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat. He only spawns next to his sunken ship, Diane’s Fancy.

Capatin Foulwind
Captain Florence

Captain Florence and Captain Foulwind are two faction specific rares. They don’t offer any special loot when killed but are still worth the effort when levelling in the area as they give you a nice chunk of XP. You’ll find them above the water standing on their respective ships meaning you can only attack the Captain of your opposing faction.


Now you see him, now you dont…

Find everyone’s favourite crab taking long leisurely walks along the underground beach in the Abyssal Depths. This spectral crab is named after Ghostcrawler, the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft. Another option for those BM Hunters out there. Be aware that he does phase in and out in the wild though if you go looking for him.

Lady La-LaLady La-La reigns supreme in the south end of Kelp’thar Forest looking like a funkier version of Lady Vashj and fashioned after Lady GaGa. She always spawns in the same spot and seems to be a common spawn.

One of five Group Elites, Mobus roams high above the whirlpool leading to Throne of the Tides.

Poseidus can spawn at one of five locations in either the Shimmering Expanse or the Abyssal Depths A highly sought after rare who drops a very sweet mount that works in all bodies of water.

Shok'sharakShok’sharak can be found in the Scalding Chasm in the Abyssal Depths. He’s a Faceless One that stands out from the others in the area.

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