Late to the Party

There have been several things in my life that I began to use or learn about quite late compared to other people. Today I’m going to focus on three of these.

At 21 I learnt to drive. I really wasn’t in a rush to learn like some of my classmates, etc. It was towards the end of my Nursing degree after being persistently encouraged to get my driver’s licence, especially since I would have all those early morning Practicums at various hospitals.

All through University, I didn’t have much experience with a computer, let alone have an email address. When handing in my Lab reports for my Science degree I was the only one who had submitted hand written ones (at least that I saw). Even at the end of 1995, I used my boyfriend’s laptop to type up my profile page for the College yearbook.

In 1997, I went on a European Contiki tour and towards the end of the trip when everyone exchanged their contact details I still didn’t have an email address. The next year, as a result from my Graphic Design course, I bought my first computer so that I could practice my skills and work from home. When I sent out my first test email to family, my brother sent a reply saying it was nice to see me finally online.

Since then I’ve become more savvy with computers, how they work and the internet. I’ve had a Facebook account ever since a work colleague convinced me to set one up years ago. In the last six months or so, my interest in Facebook has somewhat fizzled and find I’m using Twitter a lot more. In fact, it’s only in the last few months that I’m really embracing the use of Twitter as well as maintaining various websites including the Guild website.

When I went to an old school friend’s milestone birthday a couple of years ago, a few of them, including the Birthday girl, proceeded to upload a pic to Facebook during the party. At the time, I still had my Sony Ericcson phone (non-smartphone) even though it was about 5 years old. In October 2010, I took the plunge after my phone finally died and bought my first smartphone. It’s funny how easy it is to catch up on news or gossip in real-time and how fast things can become viral – the good kind not the dodgy ones that can destroy systems or networks. It was only today on a news update that they were talking about the new youtube video that had gone viral, which in turn gave me the idea for this post.

So I may have been late to the party for some things in my life but it’s hard to imagine life without these things. I’m also reminded of a tweet I wrote a while ago:

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  1. Psst. Cymre. I’m going to tell you a secret but don’t tell anyone okay? I do not even have an OLD cell phone. Nothing. No cell phone at all. So some of us are going to arrive even later to that party than you!

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  2. Better late than never ;D! I’ve pretty much always been computer savvy and got my first computer in 6th grade. I find I also use Twitter a lot more than facebook, just prefer it :3 Also got an iPhone last year and I can’t imagine my life without it haha.

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    • @Ancient – LMAO

      @Veroicone – We had probably 2 computer classes when I was in High School and that was for typing…

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  3. I feel like I was late to the party for WoW. I didn’t start playing until 2008 and I did get my first level-capped character until Cataclysm.

    @Veroicone I just got an iPhone for Christmas and I LOVE the WoW Armory app.

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  4. While on the computer front, I’ve been ahead of the curve for a long time (I did tech support during the retail conversion to Windows 95, was running a BBS at the time, and had three computers at home), I didn’t learn to drive until I was 32!

    I’ve only had my Smartphone for, um. Well, I bought my iPhone 3G about a week before the 4 was first released.

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