Lunar Festival 2013

The Lunar Festival is a 2-week event based on Chinese New Year and will run between the 27th January and 10th February.

Sadly, there’s not much to add other than pets becoming battle pets although this would have been the perfect opportunity to inject some new life into one of my favourite world events. I mean, we’re in Pandaria. Come on, Blizz.

For more info about this event, you can follow this guide.

If you managed to get the achievements done in previous years, there’s really not a lot to do. Last year, there was only one new achievement which required you to honour the 9 new Elders introduced in Cataclysm (bringing the total number of Elders to 84).

Elder Sekhemi in Uldum – (32, 63) Located at Ruins of Ammon
Elder Menkhaf in Uldum – (66, 19) Located at Khartut’s Tomb (north-east to the big statue)

Mount Hyal
Elder Windsong in Hyjal – (27, 62) Located at Santuary of Malorne
Elder Evershade in Nordrassil – (63, 23) Next to the Inn, Alliance side portal

Elder Stonebrand in the Temple of Earth – (50, 55) Located at the Entrance of the Temple
Elder Deepforge in Deepholm – (28, 69) Located at Stonehearth

Twilight Highlands
Elder Firebeard in Twilight Highlands – (51, 71) Located at Dunward Town Square of Dunward Ruins
Elder Darkfeather in Twilight Highlands – (52, 33) Located at Thundermar Ruins

I love the two goldfish swimming around him

Elder Moonlance in Vashj’ir – (57, 86) Located at Biel’aran Ridge, Shimmering Expanse

Festival Lantern (Horde) and Lunar Lantern (Alliance) respectively

Festival Pets

These faction-specific vanity pets cost 50x Coins of Ancestry each. The good news is, they are BoE meaning you will be able to trade them on the neutral AH to collect both.

With so many Elders to visit, it will be easy getting enough coins to buy the pet. However, I found it faster to accumulate the coins from Northrend as they are more tightly packed, as well as the new Cata ones for the achievement. All-in-all, you’ll be getting a lot of flying miles. What a shame there’s no frequent flyer program :P

So hurray for Pet collectors and Happy New Year – especially to the Snakes out there!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Nice post :) Hm, should I go get the other faction’s lantern…

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  2. OMG. I am such a noob! I wasted most of the day yesterday flying around gathering coins on my human paladin because he had deleted his old ones to make bank space before void storage came out. Now you tell me that it is BoE so my priest that has 48 coins in his bank could have bought one for him in like 10 minutes. /headdesk

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    • @Navimie – I’m definitely going to get one, it’s just a matter of when

      @repgrind – Glad my guide offered some useful info even if it was after the fact :P Sadly, my Alliance toon only has 5 coins from previous years. I foresee a lot of flying around on a less than epic flying mount but I guess that’s where the auto-flights come in…

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  3. Thank you so much for putting this together! Knowing where in the zones to find the Elders in Hyjal, Uldum, and Twilands made things much easier for my alts who are 60<level<85 to go get those coins without too much difficulty.

    Still debating if I want to cough up for an Alliance lantern, though… I am not great at the gold game, and the prices it's going for on my server are most of the cash I have saved…

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  4. Nice write up, although I’m sad to hear they didn’t add much this year. Sounds like a missed opportunity to me – I think the Lunar Festival could build a bit of a cultural bridge between the Pandaren and the others.

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    • Kam – You’re very welcome. All I can say is, hurray for account-wide pets now.

      Thx Nyx, I was too. Maybe next year. =/

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