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If you’ve been playing WoW for a while, these dresses should need no introduction. It’s hard not to feel sexy wearing one of these. Personally I don’t wear them to draw attention, I just love how they make me feel. A large part of playing this game for seven years is the graphics. Now with transmogrification, I’ve been able to exercise some creativity in putting some outfits together. To see all the kits I’ve created, just click on the dress you’d like to see. Enjoy!

Robes of the Triumvirate / Robes of Insight
This robe can drop from Lord Kri, Vem or Princess Yauj in AQ 40
It also shares the same colour as the Robes of Insight which is a  World BOE drop – 0.05%.

Vestments of the Shifting Sands
Drops from Kurinnaxx in AQ 20

Robes of the Guardian Spirit
Robes of the Guardian Saint
Drops from Fankriss the Unyielding in AQ 40

Robes of the Battleguard
Drops from Battleguard Sartura in AQ40

Mooncloth Robe
This Tailoring recipe is available from a vendor in the Dire Maul library – Shen’dralar Provisioner.
She only stocks one recipe per instance though.

Alanna’s Embrace
Drops off Ras Frostwhisper in Scholomance (no longer available)
The first time this dropped in a dungeon, our male Tauren druid took it for fun as the female druid and female hunter (myself) didn’t want it. True Story!

Elegant Robes
World BOE Drop
Not sure about the drop rate but seems a lot lower than the Robes of Insight.

Robes of the Exalted
Drops off Lord Aurius Rivendare in Undead Stratholme

So there you have it, the full collection of what’s affectionately known as the Princess Leia dresses, since it was modelled after the character and the Mooncloth plus look-alike options.

Let me know your favourite below.

Author: Cymre

A disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items, class sets as well as all things pets.

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  1. Robes of the Guardian saint was my most ever expensive DKP purchase and I was the first person on my server to get it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I put it on. My Bloodelf Priest is currently using it for transmogrification.

    Think I actually prefer the robes of the exalted though. Might have to go and farm them.

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  2. Love those gowns, all so pretty. I have the Robes of the Guardian Saint (the turquoise one) on my priesty for transmog and I just LOVE the look. Sexy, but classy too.

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  3. I am the luckiest pally around to be able to see this kinda stuff everyday from her. ^.^

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  4. Beautiful dresses! Makes me want to get one for my blood elf mage.

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  5. Hope that Alanna’s Embrace won’t disappear with the revamp to Scholo, might have to start farming it for my Mage sooner rather than later just in case.

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  6. Love these dresses, thanks for featuring them. :) I actually never knew there were recolors of the mooncloth robe!

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