Pygmy Oil

Pygmy Oil is made through Alchemy using Pygmy Suckerfish (found in Northrend) making 1-2 oils per Suckerfish. Taking one of these oils will shrink you down in size, although the shrinkage is not too noticeable. Take multiple oils and you will keep shrinking down until you turn into a female Gnome Pygmy.

The number of oils needed for this transformation can vary. It usually only takes between 8-10 oils. The effect lasts 10mins but you can keep extending the buff by using one oil to refresh the illusion before the buff expires. There doesn’t seem to be any variation in the Pygmy illusion though like some of the others.

Things to note

  • Apparently when someone used the Noble Garden Spring Flowers to give you bunny ears, the mask was removed and you got the ears! Sadly, this no longer works.

Author: Cymre

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