Wisp Amulet

The Wisp Amulet is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 450 skill to find and 150 Night Elf Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to three [Highborne Scroll] keystones may be used to complete it.

Unsolved Text
“This beautiful amulet is formed of loops and angles of bright golds, framing a large tear-drop emerald. Within the depths of the emerald you can see a small glowing sphere with a vaguely night elf face. The sphere seems to move about within the emerald, not trapped exactly as much as flitting about like an insect.”

Solved Text
Wisps are nature spirits thought to be dead night elves. They exist in tight connection with their forest homeland and night elves in general, performing such beneficial activities as construction, repair and defense of elven communities. Many wisps sacrificed themselves in order to defeat Archimonde at the end of the Third War, so there are fewer wisps today than there once were.

Things to note

  • Doesn’t work in combat;
  • Any damage taken will break the effect;
  • Any combat action, including buffs, spells and auto-attacks will break the effect.

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