I’m Sick

I’m sick of hoping people will see the Guild the way you want it to be seen as shown in the Guild Charter and Raid Rules. I want people to care about the Guild enough that they try and get things done for the betterment of the Guild, like some of the achievements and activities that will increase our Guild rep, which in turn will increase our Guild levels since that’s what it seems a lot of people want out of a Guild – the perks if not the people. It seems at the moment, it’s only a couple of people who are the instigators before things actually happen. Even getting the first dungeon achievement for some of Cata still seem to elude us. Even the seven dungeons each week seem to be a struggle as it’s usually a group that I’m in (with the co-leader) where this would actually happen.

That’s another thing. We’ve had some great people joining the Guild in previous months but there’s also been a number of bad apples. Fortunately bad apples can be removed before they kill the Guild. The constant swearing on Mumble would be another peeve and not something I care to listen to every few words. I’ve written previously that we are having an issue finding more people in the Guild. Reasons stated have included:

  • It’s the end of an x-pac, wait until Mists comes out;
  • People want a L25 Guild;
  • People want to be carried;
  • We’re not as progressed as some others;
  • It’s been a downer for my social life;
  • Or some other reasons which have led to new recruits just up and leaving without even a word.

The other reason is that YES, I’ve done the Guild leadership thing before; a few times now and it always seems to end the same way. People not liking the way something is done in Guild, or not understanding the way things are done here.  Just because you’re used to things being a certain way in another Guild doesn’t mean we do things the same way here. There are quite a few of us who try and look at the bigger picture and try and do what’s best for the Guild. You won’t always please everyone and I’m sick of the mentality of people being out for themselves. Of course I realise that people will be that way no matter what but it doesn’t mean they need to be in this Guild.

I’ve put so much effort into the Guild site, trying to keep the content current, even adding some activities and contests to encourage interaction but after a year and half and not that much activity (the most active people have stopped playing) it seems somewhat redundant with one person’s name always coming up in the activity. Although there are a number of people who do use the PM system which is great since you can effectively discuss issues if the other person does not happen to be on at the time (also great for sending mass emails on more urgent matters).

The forum is also a great place to share ideas, info or even hobbies as you never know who else might share the same interests if you don’t volunteer the information first. I used the Journal section for a long time but since I have another place to add these now, I’ve left this section to the Guild members leaving some residual posts which were more Guild specific in an effort to try and offer ideas for posting. I was hoping by now that there would be more Guild activity but I don’t see the point of putting so much of myself into something if it’s taken for granted or unappreciated. So I have shifted my love for updating the Guild site to my blog since that’s where I’m getting so much more return for my effort.

Certain responsibilities of being a Guild Leader or Raid leader can sometimes result in a  number of resentments, especially when more of the negatives start to outweigh the positives. It was nice to just be a number when we made a realm change but on the other hand it’s not that nice to be sat out a lot. When I left my previous Guild after my game partner, we both left a post in their forum about the reasons why. From the number of views and lack of responses, it goes to show that people may have been curious about the why but didn’t care enough to let us know we were valued for our contribution to the Guild. I know there were even individuals who didn’t care if we were in the Guild or not from what I heard, but to me it shows those individuals were just in it for themselves. As a result, a few stopped talking to us entirely but on the flip side, there were a few individuals who did still chat to us casually and continued to do things with us and for that I will cherish those moments and call them friends so to end, I just want to say… thank you. You know who you are :)

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Leading a guild and leading a raid are always hard, but you do it because you care. Hopefully things will pick up soon /hugs

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  2. Guild websites have always been in a weird spot. It’s weird to have to go out of game to organize activities and such in game.

    Another problem that I see is that many guild sites (I don’t know about yours, so I’m just speaking in general) are hosted on portal sites (guild portal, guild launch, etc) which are tagged as gaming sites (rightly) and thus, many folks can’t access them at work. Also, they are poorly designed for mobile phone access, so you can’t easily check in while waiting for a bus or a doctor or what-have-you.

    So, pretty much, you can only access and interact with the guild website easily while you’re at home at the computer, which is when you are actually playing the game.

    I think that these hurdles have to be overcome if you want more activity at your guild site, more than putting content there and telling people to go see it.

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    • We have taken to making use of facebook group sites to broaden our communication scope. Sure, some people aren’t really facebook users but much like Twitter letting folks know when a new Blog post is made, adding a link to a pertinent forum post on Facebook at least potentially increases awareness.

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  3. It’s a tough thing, leading a team. We can’t want something more for someone else or we’ll drive ourselves nuts! I know it can be frustrating when members don’t share the same passion or desire the same things as you. But keep at it. Because we need leaders in this world. :)

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  4. Hang in there Cym. Seems WOW has generally been quieter of late with new shiny other games coming out, christmas having recently come and gone and (I am guessing) a 7th Year of seeing the same world (even if Deathwing did shake it up).

    As a long term Guild Leader, I applaud anyone who continues to bear the weight of that mantle especially with the contant hurdles we have to overcome.

    Kudos to you!

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    • @Roshii – :D

      @ItsLilpeanut – Thx for stopping by, Peanut. I appreciate the kind words.

      @Zaralynda – Sign-ups are the main reason I see people logging into the site. I do see people regularly signing in, just no activity =/ Thx for taking the time to read and comment :)

      @Lon – You know, I have considered a facebook page but that was more for the blog than Guild website. In the past I think since a few of our members raid with their mains (or have their main raids) during the week, they don’t always put in as much effort into gearing up their toon or being on in the game as much (on that toon at least) except for our runs. This is part of the frustration also for the number of us who do put in the effort.

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