Three Battlegrounds Down

Looking over my achievements the other night I realised that I was only one-off from getting my 25 wins for Tol Barad. That was the only thing holding me back from getting Tol Barad Veteran. It was only recently that this achievement had changed from 100 to 25. I remember the Wintergrasp Veteran actually took 100 wins which was without a doubt the time-consuming one for me back in Wrath. Boy that took a long time! Especially on Khadgar as we tended to lose more often than not. In April 2010, I transferred to Dath’remar only to find that the Horde on this server were just as bad >.< Never-the-less with perseverance I managed to get it eventually.

So today I stepped into a Tol Barad match hoping for my last win. I found on entering we were attacking. It’s not unusual for us to gain control of a building only to lose it soon after gaining another one. I spent most of the match defending which I’m proud to say is often is the base that stays in our possession. Before too long, I was happy to see that I had the double achievement pop up on my screen.

That makes another one out of three Battlegrounds that I’ve completed all the achievements for, the last being Isle of Conquest Veteran. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t the 100 wins that were the problem in that one. Especially when you take advantage of the Call to Arms weekend. It was ‘Cut the Blue wire… Not the Red Wire!’ which turned out to be the bane of my PVP existence. It had taken me ages to get just 8 out of 25 needed for the achievement where somewhere along the line my quota had reset to 0. Why Blizzard why? However, after reading about some tips and tricks for it (some of which had been fixed, like hiding in the door) I managed to get it. The great thing about the Isle of Conquest set of achievements is you get a great PVP tabard for your effort.

Tabard of Conquest

So here’s to another Battleground done. Hmm, so what will I tackle next?… looking at my achievement list it will probably be Strand of the Ancients as I only have a few to go for that :)

Author: Cymre

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