The Vrykul Drinking Horn is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 375 skill to find and 100 Vrykul Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to 3x Vrykul Rune Stick keystones may be used to complete it. It gives you a 10min buff that increases your size, puts a Vrykul helm on you and a manly roar. Interestingly enough there is no CD on the horn.

Illusion of wearing the Vyrkul Drinking Horn

Be the mightiest Brunnhildar of them all

Things to note

  • Don’t have your character zoomed in while you fly over Brunnhildar Village as you may just scare the beegeebeez out of yourself, like I did :P

Things to try

  • Stacks with Leyara’s Locket;
  • Macro it to something you would use often and you’ve got yourself a permabuff!