Blessing of the Old God

Blessing of the Old God is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 375 skill to find and 140 Nerubian Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to three [Nerubian Obelisk] keystones may be used to complete it. Using the item will transform you into a Green Qiraji Tank for 20 seconds. It has a 10 minute CD.

Unsolved: You have discovered a very bad thing. It hurts your mind to even look at fragments of this artifact and you worry that it might drive you insane were you to complete the final object.

Solved: Pwhn’guul i ghawl’fwata ryiu wgah uul’gwan h’iwn guu’lal. Pwhn’guul i ghawl’fwata ryiu wgah uu’gwan h’iwn guu’lal. Pwhn’guul i ghawl’fwata ryiu wgah uul’gwan h’iwn guu’lal.

Fun things to try

Eating food while in this costume will let the silithid hold a little piece of bread in its pincer and make gnawing motions.

If you have your weapon out while you use it, the battle tank will hold the weapon in its pincer.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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