Past to Present

I’ve created two Guild sites for < MischiefUs > over the last few years. The banner below is one I designed for our original Guild site. There have been many other changes since then, including a server change and even race changes. Although they were for our old mains – a Tauren and Druid; I affectionately refer to them as our greenskins now since one is an Orc and the other a Troll. Both Guilds began the same way, each created as an alt Guild for the two of us, hence the banner. But over time they expanded as we made new friends, raiding whatever 10’s content was current at the time.

It’s been a year and a half since the server move and from recent happenings in the Guild, I’ve been reminiscing about our time on Khadgar. The most noticeable changes include a tabard which looks a little different (although the icon remains the same) and a whole new roster to fill the ranks. Old friends have made the move a little smoother though.

I love creating banners and images which show off some of the things I love about the game. I’ve even thought about offering my services to people but I’ll have to see. Although I have helped a few guildies out with some avatars in the past which was nice.

So here’s to the old and the new…

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