Treasure Chests

Sturdy Treasure Chest

Have you noticed how different Treasure Chests have been looking in the game lately? For the longest time, Treasure Chests had one look and one look only in WoW. In dungeons they were highly sought after for the goodies found within. Outside of dungeons it was more like a race to open them if there were a few people around.

Since various expansions, there have been the addition of newer looking chests. I remember in Outlands it took a long time before they were introduced into the game. The first one I saw in Shadowmoon Valley was quite small but I just happened to see it when I was questing in the area. Terrokar Forest also had some small Wicker Chests in Tuurem.

Some new chest types introduced in Patch 4.0.3 generally contain a level appropriate rare item and gold.

Dark Iron Treasure Chest, Wetlands

Questing in Wetlands, we found this nice surprise in one of the buildings of Dun Modr.

Runestone Treasure Chest, Feralas

While in Feralas on an Archaeology dig, I found a Runestone Treasure Chest. Now if I wasn’t really paying attention this could have been easily overlooked due to it’s position and blended in so well with it’s surroundings.

Maplewood Treasure Chest, Icecrown

Hanging around Icecrown on another dig, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new type of chest. I’m really impressed with the way Blizzard has them scattered around certain places and almost like they’re hiding in plain sight.

Coffer of Promise, Uldum

If you’re a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, then I highly recommend doing the Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum quest chain. The pic above shows the very end of the chain.

Silken Treasure Chest, Uldum

Flying around Uldum, I managed to spot one of the Silken Treasure Chests.

Guild Chest with our lovely banner.

I love that they are all so varied looking, especially the ones in the new dungeons and raids. They are huge!

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