Bubblegum Fun

Eww, you got it in my hair!

Earlier in the year, I was lucky enough to see an Ogre Pinata, the TCG loot reward which creates an attackable Pinata on a stand. Once destroyed it explodes to reveal a rather large pile of Pink Gumballs on the ground which you can loot 20 times before it despawns.

When a Pink Gumball is eaten, the player gains a buff which causes you to randomly blow bubbles before popping (as seen above). The bubble buff lasts for 5mins and appears to be usable at any level.

Where to get it:
TCG Expansion: Fields of Honor (Press Release)
Card: Pinata
Rarity: 1/181 booster packs (speculative)

Apparently the item used to have 100 charges but is now unlimited. :)

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