Silver Dragons

I’ve been collecting rares in the game for as long as I can remember. It all began with a shot of Rak’shiri in Winterspring. I can’t quite remember why I asked Huga to take a shot of him. I think I was wanting to tame him as a pet at the time and thought it would be cool to start a collection of all the rares in the game.

This has to be one of my all-time favourite rare shots

Divine Aegis, FTW!

I always try to get a great action shot, hopefully while they are displaying what is unique about themselves whether it be a spell or whatnot. This quite often involved Coolidge getting smacked around by something while I stood back and got that perfect shot.

If only you could tame one of these as a hunter

Navimie and I even shared a collection at one time, but over the years and several computers later, I’ve had to rebuild my collection. That’s why you’ll find a pretty varied collection in the quality of shots and dimensions over the years.

Some rares have even changed in Cata. One that comes to mind is Snarlflare, a whelp I found in Redridge Mountains years ago. However, after patch 4.0.6, he’s all grown up and a full-sized black drake found on the other side of Lake Everstill.

I have a good number of them already but with new ones being added all the time, I’m not sure how many I would have in total. Most are from a Horde perspective; however, some are from an Alliance POV, when I’ve been on one of my alts.


Something about this creature seems familiar

Now you see him, now you dont…

390 rares and counting…

Transition to Blog

It’s only been two days since I created this Blog site and being my first one, I think I underestimated how much was involved. In terms of hosts I didn’t really consider what choices I had as the first one that came to mind was WordPress.

As you may know I recently joined the Blog Azeroth Community during one of their events; this one being Thanksgiving. I originally used the Journal section of the Guild website for my Blog entries posting once in a blue moon. However, over the past six months or so, I’ve been starting to post a little more frequently.

A few of the things I felt were lacking included the ability to add comments to my posts. Unless you were a member of the site there was really no way to add your 2c to anything I had written. This was something I didn’t really need at first as I really only posted for myself, but lately I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts with any reader who was interested.

The number of readers who actually visited my Journals was unknown to me as there was no easy way to track the number of visits, or log where they came from. Recently a friend of mine told me that a post she had written had over 800 views after being featured in a WoW Insider article. This was something I knew I wouldn’t be able to see if I kept posting through the Guild site.

The other disadvantage of blogging under the Journal section was that it was a shared forum with anyone in the Guild. But now I have a space I can call my own where I can share my thoughts and vent on occasion. :)

Incidentally, I had just been made aware of a podcast that @bossypally and @OriginalOestrus had just recorded called The Write Stuff about New Bloggers. Talk about timing :P

I finally transferred all my Journal articles to the Blog site tonight and it feels great. It took me quite a while to find a theme I really liked though and could see myself using indefinitely. The name I kind of came up with on the fly as it’s a mixture of my spec and the Guild I created. The banner however was another story. I initially just placed an image there from one of my costume pics – more as a placeholder, if anything.


I felt this was better than the default image they had for the theme and had planned to come up with something better the next day or so since it was late by that stage. The next day, while trying to come up with ideas for the new banner, I was hoping to incorporate the Sea Pony into the picture as I love collecting pets and thought it would be a great to add a pet that I was hoping to acquire ASAP. As luck would have it, I managed to get it the day the Darkmoon Faire opened. With bubbles in mind, being Disc, I finally decided to go with the one below.


I must admit that I’m really happy with the way the banner came out and the site as a whole. Slowly tweaking here and there as I get to know the back-end of things better. So here’s to many more posts and hopefully the readers will follow :)

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