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So it was brought to my attention today that some people thought I had started my Blog as a source of competition with a friend of mine. Initially when this fact was relayed to me I thought it was a dig at me. Upon discussing it with said person, we both stated that it wasn’t the case and that we know the truth which is all that really matters. However, later in the day, I have come to realise that it was said in a joking way; isn’t that always the case? You don’t always get the right context in something that is written but only after something is said to you, can you understand the actual meaning. So I won’t take too much offence from this. However given the initial circumstance, I’d still like to post what I wrote as that’s how I was feeling at the time and a lot of it remains true.

Rant incoming…. (from original post)


I never even thought about competing with this person and I would have thought that one of these people who I thought I knew quite well would not think this of me too but it appears I was wrong. Just how do they think we’re competing exactly? For stats or comments? Our subject material may both be about WOW, but our posts show two very different points of view.

Now I did start writing my online journal back in Apr 2010 on our Guild website as a way to express my thoughts and vent about certain things at the time; so yes, I did this more for myself. But lately, around the time I did the Thanksgiving Blog Azeroth post (which I was encouraged to do by said person) I was still posting on my journal which didn’t provide an easy way for people to leave messages if they wanted to. This was something I thought was lacking, especially if I wanted to see if my words were reaching people and if it felt as though I was leaving myself out there emotionally – I was extremely hesitant about how vulnerable a single post could make me feel and took me a while before I actually hit the post button. But I did it because I had something that I wanted to share, that meant the world to me.

I don’t think people realise that this certain blogger and I share a lot of things in common. In fact, if it wasn’t for me then a lot of the people I know in game would not even be able to call her a guild mate or friend since I’m the reason that she started playing to begin with. We have known each other for 16 years now and I don’t think we would still be this close if we didn’t share at least a few interests. I would have to say we share more than a few but it’s because of these main interests that I believe we are still friends today.

I just had to get this off my chest.


Now on the other hand, one comment can really make your day. I was wondering if people found my posts interesting as I have been posting about the same type of things lately, but comments like

“You make really interesting posts, I like all the cool random things about wow that people miss out on”


“farmed all my trophys today, thanks to you!”

…can really give me a new lease on writing. Thx Roshii :D


An interesting thing happened to me this morning… I was woken up by a friend of mine asking me why I was a male Blood Elf? My first response was “What!?” But after thinking a moment and if you saw my two earlier posts from last night you’d know I was playing around with various effects for my trinket posts. One of the last things I tried was Leyara’s Locket and the Simian Sphere in tandem. At least I still had the effect from the locket when I logged out. I was actually trying to do the Orb or Deception with the Simian Sphere and forgot to click the Orb as I was testing which costumes worked and which ones didn’t. I did try a deviate as the first effect I tried though so I never realised I went from being a ninja > iron dwarf > male flaming NE (ok just now it dawned on me that I’m not normally a male NE when I pop the trinket). Hey it was late when I did it…

So when Navimie asked Coolidge why I was a male BE, I heard his response was an angry, sad face. Awww. He should know I wouldn’t make a male toon. I learnt my lesson from the first and only male I made in WoW.

This is what you would have seen if you’d looked me up on Armory…

Cymre’s a male?

I admit I got a real kick out of seeing myself like this. I mean, don’t you think he looks rather fetching in a Mooncloth robe and accessories? Maybe it’s the Elvis Presley snarl that makes him look even more menacing. LOL, as if I’d dress my male BE like that… if I hypothetically had one :P

PS. I’ve always loved this hairstyle for male BE’s. So I guess in a way it was kismet…

Vrykul Drinking Horn

The Vrykul Drinking Horn is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 375 skill to find and 100 Vrykul Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to 3x Vrykul Rune Stick keystones may be used to complete it. It gives you a 10min buff that increases your size, puts a Vrykul helm on you and a manly roar. Interestingly enough there is no CD on the horn.

Illusion of wearing the Vyrkul Drinking Horn

Be the mightiest Brunnhildar of them all

Things to note

  • Don’t have your character zoomed in while you fly over Brunnhildar Village as you may just scare the beegeebeez out of yourself, like I did :P

Things to try

  • Stacks with Leyara’s Locket;
  • Macro it to something you would use often and you’ve got yourself a permabuff!

Super Simian Sphere

The Super Simian Sphere is a world epic drop in Northrend dropping from normal mobs 79+. I managed to get mine doing dailies in Icecrown during the last x-pac and was an unexpected and nice surprise. When it first dropped, I didn’t realise what it was. Coolidge told me and offered to let me have it. I wanted to be fair and suggested we both roll need on it. So I did but he was being sneaky and just passed on it. What a sweetie :)

Aegis Ape

Things to note

  • Like similar items, you will lose the buff if you remove the trinket;
  • You will be unable to mount with the buff – “Can’t mount while shapeshifted”;
  • Not all costumes/trinkets work with this – “More powerful spell is already active”;
  • You can cast spells and fight as an Ape;
  • In a party, not everyone will be able to roll need, apparently clothies have no use for it =/.

Things to try

  • Shift forms as a druid and become a flying Ape
  • Underbelly Elixir + The Super Simian Sphere = Flying ape in a bubble
  • Using mirror images will produce a posse of Apes
  • Use some Baby Spice on yourself to become a mini Simian in a Sphere.

Leyara’s Locket + Pendant of the Scarab Storm

Highbourne Soul Mirror

Iron Boot Flask

Female toon + Orb of Deception = male of your opposite faction + your bubble gets bigger. I’ve heard it does not work for males =/

Vial of the Sands

Vial of the Sands is the mount allowing characters to transform into a Sandstone Drake which is capable of carrying another ally on your back like a vehicle.

You will need 450 Archaeology to find the Canopic Jar (a common Tol’vir artifact) and just hope it contains the Recipe: Vial of the Sands. The recipe itself is smart loot so you’ll only be able to see the recipe if you’re an alchemist. To learn the recipe, you’ll also need 525 Alchemy, but you’ll be able to see it and hold it in your bag if you don’t have the required skill level yet.

The mount Vial of the Sands was hotfixed in Dec 2010 so is no longer BoP. Meaning it can be sold in the AH or made for friends. Mind you the mats for the mount are not cheap. You’re looking at a base cost of 29K (26,100K with the 10% Guild perk) just from vendor bought items sold by Yasmin in Uldum. Total cost would be 42K+ (including Guild perk). So expect to pay at least that from the AH. My advice would be to farm what you can to save some money or buy the raw materials as it may work out to be a lot cheaper in the long run.

I’m on the top of the world…

…looking down on creation

Special animation for the mount lets out a massive roar

Fun things to try

If someone uses a Potion of Illusion next to someone transformed into a Sandstone Drake, they will turn into a Sandstone Drake which can’t fly. However, after the hotfix, if they try and mount you as a drake they will lose the illusion.

  • You can eject your passenger (giving them a parachute) while still keeping your flight transformation active by using the below macro command:
/run EjectPassengerFromSeat(1)
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