Queen Azshara

Azshara was once a Highborne Night Elf and former Queen of the Kaldorei. Once believed to be the most powerful spell caster of all time which was only surpassed by her beauty. In fact it was her vanity and thirst for power which led to her eventual downfall. Over the years, she’s had many forms and representations throughout Warcraft lore.

Ruins of Eldarath

Ruins of Eldarath

It’s been said that Mannoroth flinched when he detected her power, and even Illidan Stormrage was taken aback when he saw her after gaining his new sight.

Vashj'ir ruins

Ruins of Vash’ir

The mighty Queen Azshara still lives and rules the naga. Once she awoke at the bottom of the sea, she ordered an imperial palace be built to rival her home in Azshara. Here she still resides at the bottom of a massive abyssal sea trench where she reigns as the Empress of Nazjatar.



In Cata, if you venture into Southern Darkshore, you’ll find four Darkscale Priestesses surrounding the [Horn of the Ancients]. Killing these priestesses will result in the appearance of Queen Azshara giving rise to some dialogue between herself and Malfurion. Here it’s revealed that Queen Azshara is primarily responsible for the troubles in Darkshore, as she attempts to divert Malfurion Stormrage’s attention from Hyjal. I can’t help thinking she looks more like Medusa or a recycled Lady Vashj model.

It’s later revealed that Queen Azshara would like nothing more than the total destruction of the Elemental Lord Neptulon, because that would leave her free to rule over the oceans in his stead.

Another reference includes Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown believed to have been worn by her, presumably before she was transformed into the Naga we know her as today. It’s also one of the rare items discovered through Night Elf Archaeology. I’m happy to say I have at least one of these on my account.

Queen Azshara was born with golden eyes, which were quite rare in night elves before the Great Sundering. Thus, golden eyes were commonly regarded as a sign of future greatness.


In the new Well of Eternity Dungeon, she has been rendered a couple of ways. The image above shows an earlier version which is believed to be based on a popular piece of artwork. As you can see she has dark blue hair, rather than moonlight silver, blue eyes, rather than golden, and a skin tone that’s almost grey, rather than deep violet. Not only that but her hair was not cascading, as Richard Knaak describes her in The Well of Eternity book, but appears tied up in some sort of knot. This however was later changed as Azshara got a brand new texture fitting the description of the novel.

Well of Eternity - Azshara and NE

Well of Eternity Dungeon with my NE transformation

I must say, these days she’s looking rather hot. By the way, I would so wear that outfit. Just saying! ;)

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  1. One of my passions is studying archetypes; great information and post!

    Perhaps Blizz will come out with a line of epic goddess haute couture as rewards for epic character quests, similar to legendary weapons.

    Oh, if only…

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    • You know, when I first saw Azshara’s outfit I thought it was so sexy. But then after I had a close look at Tyrande’s there’s really no comparison. I agree though, even if the drop rate was really, really low or an epic quest line like you suggested; I would be all for getting one :)

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