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Overalls Out of my Reach

After entering some Hallow’s Ends contents recently I’ve had costumes on my mind. More so than normal as I’ve been farming transmog outfits for a while. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know that I’ve been trying to farm the Foreman Vest for my Archaeology costume. That item still eludes me after killing that ugly gnome ~40 times now. I’ll keep at it from time to time and even check the AH’s on both Horde and Alliance as a last resort.


Over the last week, various circumstances have made me think about the Chief Architect’s Monocle from BRD and Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator from Gnomeregan. Luckily I only needed to farm each place a handful of times, if not less. It’s not too hard getting to Gnomer either (I only worked this out after flying out there the first time). Using the back door on the way out I found myself in Grom’gol camp located in Northern Stranglethorn. This meant there was a transporter behind me, thanks to Chief Engineer Scooty.

Miner - alternative option

While looking up various costume sites I came across the Mechbuilder’s Overalls and was looking forward to using them for a possible gadget/engineer costume or alternate fishing outfit. However, I was depressed to find the engineering requirement to wear them.

I even jokingly asked Coolidge which profession he thought I should drop to take up Engineering and he said JC. For the next 30mins he reminded me of all the cool things you could do with Engineering. This made me a little sad as I always invest so much time and effort into all my professions. I’m a completist so I don’t see myself dropping a primary profession for another one. Unless they give us three primary professions ;P How likely is that though…

The Mixologist’s Tunic comes close but that’s the leather equivalent so alas, I can’t wear that either. I did read the Sturdy Cloth Trousers were the perfect complement to get the Mechbuilder’s Overall look but it appears they are no longer in the game.

Well, it was a nice thought while it lasted…


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