Priests – how many is too many?

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I admit that I used to find people who had several of the same class a little funny, esp. if those toons were on the same realm or even faction. My original toon started out as a Paladin back in the day when WoW first came out and I admit I didn’t know too much about specs at the time. Not long after that I created a NE Priest to help out my brothers toon. But after several alliance toons, I made my first Horde character. Several years and another expansion later, I made my trial human priest which led to my BE Priest – the main I still play today.

The thing I have realised lately is that I now have four priests. Not on various servers mind you; they are all on the same server! Two alliance and two Horde. My human trial which I managed to get to Rank 10 in PVP I’m still proud of. My two little priests were set of be a PVP twink (currently L27) and the other a Worgen as I wanted to see what the running wild thing was all about; among other things. I initially planned on doing this when the x-pac first came out but due to various circumstances has only just occurred.

So I’ve been trying to decide whether to re-level a Worgen so I don’t have another priest or just delete the two little toons and be done with it. I might just end up deleting the two little ones and doing a race change for my alliance toon. From Human > Draenei and now Worgen.

Update: Make that 3 Priests now as my Tauren Twink is no more…

Author: Cymre

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