Stormrage Twins

Trying out the new Dungeons today after 4.3 hit left me wondering about the Stormrage twins, Malfurion and Illidan.

In the Well of Eternity, the second dungeon from the Hour of Twilight Patch, we travel back 10,000 years in the past as we attempt to retrieve the Dragon Soul. A nice little perk upon entering the dungeon is the transformation of everyone in the party, which is fun if you don’t normally play a NE. This brought me back to my early days of playing WoW when I started out as an Alliance NE priest. I do quite like how they cast too. Makes a nice change from my BE priest.

Well of Eternity

Well of Eternity dungeon (Blizzard website)

What I wondered about these two brothers was the fact that I knew they were twins but were they identical? From some illustrations I’ve seen it appears they could have been once upon a time, but looking at how they look in the Well of Eternity, there are distinct differences other than the colour of their skin. Malfurion has very distinct antlers while Illidan does not. What’s also interesting is the fact that it wasn’t just a bloodline they shared as they both loved Tyrande; however her heart early on belonged to Malfurion.

Over the years, Malfurion has taken on the traits of several forms. This includes the Hawk, Bear, Stag, and Cat. There are also glowing blue bolts along his arms, shoulders, chest and stomach. His beard has also grown much longer than before. Illidan on the other hand was transformed into a Demon Hunter once he had absorbed the powers of the dangerous arcane object known as the Skull of Gul’dan. This transformation included growing horns and the wings of a demon and burning the ground on which he walks. His eyes were also burnt out by Sargeras and replaced by orbs of mystic fire that allowed Illidan to see all forms of magic as well as arcane tattoos covering his body.

Image courtesy of the Blizzard website

Image courtesy of the Blizzard website

Identical or not, they are quite exceptional characters in their own right.

My Quest for Dragonwrath

Taken from MMO-Champion

Taken from MMO-Champion (as I remembered just as I left the instance upon completion)

When Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest came out I’m sure a lot of people were eager to pick up the initial Quest to start their journey leading them from Tanaris into Firelands and The Nexus. If you were an offensive caster, why wouldn’t you since you get a legendary caster staff to show for it. Sure it takes a lot of Guild effort at least for the bits inside Firelands but it’s nice to be able to see one person in the Guild with it. Not to mention the pet that you get as a Guild reward.

When we first stepped into Firelands as a new Guild, there was no offensive caster, being newly formed. So as the only person at the time who could do the quest line I picked up the first few embers that dropped. That soon changed however, once we had a Guildie who would be a suitable recipient.

I am currently the second person eligible for the staff, even though I predominantly raid as a healer. In the past I have been known to dabble in the dark arts of Shadow. It’s not new to me as I began my journey as Shadow back in Vanilla when Coolidge and I made trial characters for our upcoming BE’s before BC came out. I mostly heal now and Shadow has changed a lot over the years. I must say that I do enjoy the change now and then for Heroics, old raids and even in FL on occasion.

So yesterday I managed to get the last two embers I needed for the All-Seeing Eye step. This was exciting as it meant that I could go into the Nexus and try the epic solo bit that I had heard and read quite a bit about. After hearing about the problems people were having in there I was especially eager to try this out for myself as I had read that some parts are particularly easy given our arsenal of spells.

Late last night I headed over to Coldarra which automatically plays a cut scene as soon as you enter the area.

Here you’ll receive the follow-up quest from Tarecgosa Through a Glass, Darkly leading you into the Nexus to investigate.

Here’s where it gets a bit interesting. I found the place to be very buggy, with Tarecgosa resetting sometimes to the beginning depending on where you died. If you can get to the flying discs stage you’ll get a portal to that bit if you wipe. Also another port for the very last fight.

Upon entering you’ll find Tarecgosa ahead as you enter. She’ll be assisting you at the beginning until you get separated later on. Initially you’ll have to fight an Arcane Sentinel and a couple of dogs. I tried this as Disc to see how hard it would be. It didn’t end too well. Not long after that I switched over to Shadow to see how much further I could get. Let me warn you, in my first attempt, Tarecgosa will ice block if her health gets particularly low. She also died on that first attempt which is why I decided to go Shadow. I found that Fade and Psychic Scream worked well on the mobs and don’t forget to keep moving as the Sentinel will target the spot that you’re standing in which will hurt enough if you don’t move.

Once you kill the first pack above, she will lead you though a hallway filled with steam jets like the ones in ICC. Easy enough to get through without taking damage.

Next you’ll have another pack of one Sentinel and two dogs (exactly the same as the first lot). Once they are dead, you’ll see a bit of RP going on as you get frozen as part of the storyline. A pack of three more dogs will be coming at you (which I didn’t happen to see the first time). When I followed Tarecgosa (after being frozen) you will get a 4sec debuff that will slow your movement speed. What I didn’t realise at the time was that I wasn’t supposed to follow Tarecgosa through the gauntlet ;P Needless to say I died since I didn’t know what to expect. On the second attempt, I realised that once Tarecgosa runs through the gauntlet, you’re supposed to be blocked by a wall of ice. Hence the slow debuff and the pack of dogs. Killing these dogs will clear the wall allowing you to go through.

Proceed though here with caution. The mobs aggro on you depending on your proximity to them. I tried mind flaying them which worked pretty well but be careful as they tend to respawn rather quickly. The good news is that they don’t have much life. Being a priest I found an extra easy, quick and fun way to get through this gauntlet. Holy Nova! Just spam that little spell of yours and you’ll be through in no time.

The next bit is pretty simple. You’ll find two Arcane Sentinels making a Tarecgosa sandwich. Take them out one by one and they’ll be easy pickings. Next you’ll need Tarecgosa to break down another wall of ice. While this is happening you’ll get a pretty mean looking dog coming to stop her progress. Take him out by making sure you move when he casts and you’ll be right. Don’t and you’ll be really hurting later.

Once the wall is down you’ll see a platform maze of sorts. Pretty straightforward as you’ll be jumping from platform to platform. Be sure to make use of the orbs found around the big platforms as they will provide you with a protective shield. Don’t worry, there’s more than enough as the buff lasts a pretty long time. I ended up using two for each platform. Navigating your way through this part is pretty easy as it’s fairly automated. Killing the big and small mobs on the discs will allow you to move through the room until you are on the other side.

Don’t forget to move onto another disc when the one you’re on is on fire. I missed the mini disc the first time and fell to my death.

Once you’re on the other side, you’ll get attacked by two mobs but Tarecgosa should come to the rescue and take them all out on the platform. (It can glitch here too as Tarecgosa doesn’t always appear).

By this stage you’re close to the end.

However, this for me was by far the hardest. Maybe it’s because I’m not really used to DPS’ing as much or the fact that it was a moving fight but I had a lot of trouble with it for a while. Don’t be afraid to use food buffs/flasks for this as it gave me a bit of an edge. When I tried this the night before I didn’t have silence in my spec. I’m sure a lot of SPs out there can do this without the spell but for me I ended up re-speccing for it and even changed one of my glyphs to the Power Word: Shield one. Let me say that just these two changes made a huge improvement to my success rate.

Just make sure you keep your dots on Thyrinar making sure to dispel as soon as you see the Twilight Restoration buff on him. And don’t get hit by his Twisting Twilight attack. It hurts… A LOT!

When you successfully manage to keep your dots on him and silence his Twilight Blast when needed to heal or quickly take care of the adds that spawn, you’ll have it in the bag. Took me a number of attempts to get this guy down… I lost count honestly after I ran out of fortune cookies and was down to my last piece of buff food. Ultimately, I found this video a big help:

Career Women

Cymre has gone through many Professions in her career. Most are aimed at cloth wearers (being a Priest) unless there’s no substitution.

I wish you could see the eyeglass better.


Planting the Guild Banner in Outlands.


Granted you need to be an Engineer to make and wear some of this getup. I finally found a pair of Mechbuilder’s overalls in the AH today down from 15K to 400G.

Deep Sea Diver

The hardest item to acquire would be the Sword which is a quest reward from Uldaman.


I just pulled a rabbit out of my hat.

Book in hand, ready to jot down any creative thoughts.


This outfit wouldn’t be complete without my trusty Field Manual.

Straw Hat
There are a lot of perks when working on the farm.

Another one where you need to be an Engineer and uses a mix of armour weights to put this outfit together.


For something a little bit different to the Bloodsail Pirate outfit.

Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor

With the Zandoms out it was only natural that I come up with a Troll look. Funnily enough the gown is one of the rewards from Pilgrims Bounty.

Question of the day: What’s the most you’ve spent on a costume item and what was it?

A Day to Give Thanks

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011 Reading @Beru’s Blog post recently made me think of my own roller coaster of emotions. In fact, it convinced me to put in writing what I’ve been feeling, particularly over the last few years. I’ve been playing WoW since vanilla. Early on it began with a small group of RL friends, inc. @NavimieDruid. Now we did our little thing of questing together and dungeons. There were four of us at the time so we used to 4P a lot of things (I still refuse to use 4M btw since so many females play WoW too). When we joined our first Guild, we began to learn about the lore in Warcraft and about PVP among other things. Looking back we were so noobish but everyone needs a starting point right?

Tallys & Hugadarn

Tallys & Hugadarn

WoW was not my first computer game. My first experience was a game called Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire, a free game that came with some PC magazine. Not long after that I tried the demo disc for ‘Diablo II’ which I played until I couldn’t progress any further, even playing the demo twice. This kind of play intrigued me enough to splurge out and buy the Diablo Battle Chest. Unfortunately, this was before I knew how to connect to the internet to play online as I only bought my first computer in 1998; so online gaming was very foreign to me – but that’s another story.

So back to our first Guild, it wasn’t too long before we started pugging and getting to know other people from other Guilds. Around this time, I met a Tauren Druid named Hugadarn who at the time had the coolest wolf mount. You see, I didn’t know you could do the rep grind for other racial mounts. I pretty much immediately began my rep grind with Org as I was determined to get a wolf mount like his; albeit a different colour. To my surprise, Hugadarn helped me farm a lot of the runecloth needed for this. He would pass this cloth onto Navi who was supposed to pass it on to me – even though she mistakenly thought it was to level up her tailoring – whoops!

Drawn by Hugadarn

Self Portrait by Hugadarn

Before I knew who Hugadarn was though, I remember going to PVP and noticing that this certain Druid would always have me targeted and facing my direction. At the time I thought it was a little creepy because everywhere I looked he seemed to be always watching me and healing me. It was only later that he told me that he usually followed a DPS’er around to keep them healed and it seemed “you needed the help” :S

Over the years our friendship has grown to the point where we’ve been serious enough to warrant a RL meeting. He recently paid me a visit for a 10 day trip and I was able to show him a lot of the things I have been talking about over the years – mostly food ;P. This was not a light decision either as the trip was from The States to Australia.

We’ve done the same Guild thing several times now. It started off on Khadgar through a couple of other people’s Guilds eventually resulting in our own Guild. We do most things together, inc making pairs with our toons; usually the same race and names that play off each other – Softnsweet and Roughnwild as an example. Don’t ask!

When we needed a change we departed our usual realm for a bit and made a Priest/Pali combo for a much needed change. Even recreating our Guild on that server. In April 2010, we decided to do a server transfer to Dath since the only reason I stayed on Khadgar for so long was for one person. When we were looking at realms I said I wanted to try an Oceanic server and I knew friends on Dath so we completed our transfers for a much needed fresh start. The first night they raided upon joining, Cool (aka Huga) couldn’t make the raid because of classes. He kept telling me I should go without him and the truth of the matter is we like doing everything together. Whether it’s raiding, levelling, or silly screenshots (granted they are mostly my idea).

Thanksgiving Table


Even now in writing this journal entry my eyes are watering just thinking about this. I kept telling him I didn’t want to raid without him but he kept insisting and convinced me in the end to go. They were raiding ICC25 at the time and I was so upset by the time he logged out I could hardly talk. So I went to the raid and logged into vent. I heard a lot of Hi‘s in vent and I just typed out Hi in raid chat since I didn’t want them to hear me crying. Navi pst’ed They’re waiting for you to say Hi. So I tried to say that one word as normally as I could. Hopefully they couldn’t tell. By the end of the raid I managed to walk out with a necklace I had been wanting but never managed to get before. It felt bittersweet. I couldn’t help but feel guilty for getting some loot when my partner-in-crime couldn’t make the raids.

I will say that we’ve had some really bad arguments in the past and I will say that if there’s no synergy btwn us then I just don’t want to get on the game. I’m content with finding things to do when he’s not on (time zones suck) like farm, do achievements, work on my professions and lately creating more costumes just for fun. But when there’s been a huge ‘game-breaking’ fight (usually WoW or Guild related) the main reason that I love to play is gone so I don’t feel the urge to get on; even the simplest things like farming, etc. feel so much more mundane.

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

I know this is a game and RL comes first but I think Beru summed it up when she said it’s the connections in the game – the people – that make it worthwhile. I’ve been lucky enough to befriend many individuals in this game over seven years. A lot I’m sad to say no longer play; however we manage to keep in touch from time to time via other means. Hooray for social media ;P

So thanks Beru for giving me the confidence to share this with you all, Navimie for encouraging me to enter the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event for 2011 but most of all a BIG THANKS to Coolidge for being you. <3

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