Hallow’s End Contests

Pretty early on I had the idea to do a Hallow’s End costume contest. My original idea was to do a fencing costume after looking through the AH and finding what was on offer. However, after finding some pants and top for the uniform I realised I wouldn’t be able to wield a sword so was forced to scrap that idea. Over the years I have managed to accumulate numerous outfits from past world events, dungeons and made items. But I still wanted to do something a little different, so I decided to do an archaeology outfit; like Harrison Jones (otherwise known as Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford).

Archaeology Outfit – First try

For my first attempt, I was quite pleased as I was going for a more sexy, female version of an archaeology outfit. However the first comment I received stated that I looked more like a zombie from the Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing. Looking at the shirt there may be a point. That led me to try the look again after doing some more research. After spending a week trying to farm the Foreman Vest, this proved more difficult than I had anticipated. So here is my second attempt with one of my two backup vests ;P

Cymre Jones

Get the look
Head – Crochet Hat
Shirt – Common White Shirt
Chest – Green Woolen Vest
Waist – Canvas Belt
Legs – Durable Pants
Feet – Sandals of Summer
Off-hand – Grayson’s Torch

Oh and I also entered the contest offered by Kirina’s Closet. Apparently this is the third one she’s hosted but the first I’ve entered. I’m pleased to say that my entry won me Waddell’s Honorable Mention. Have a look at some of her entries; they are quite impressive. I personally like the Spartan, Spiderman and Elektra screenies.

Author: Cymre

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  1. Do you know if anyone has gotten the foreman vest since Gibblewilt got demoted to Level 4? I killed him 110 times, no vest or pants, just three [Tough hunk of bread]’s. GM’s seem to claim it still exists in the game.

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    • I’ve wondered the same thing myself.

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