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When this became one of the April Fool’s Jokes for 2011, I had added the trailer to the Guild News hoping to catch a few out. Never-the-less I though it was a very entertaining piece of video.

Forward through to October and we’re told that Pandarens will indeed be the new playable race in 5.0. Not only that but you’ll be able to play them as either Horde or Alliance. Now I admit this is one of the things that peeved me when Cata came out since I was quite excited to play a Worgen – at least out of the starting zone. However, having to play an Alliance race just doesn’t sit right with me.

So here’s what you’ll see when the time comes to make a choice: (unless they change the text before now and then)


The Horde
Choose to join the Horde and you will be blessed with companions uglier than you.

As a growing Pandaren you will be fighting alongside other races that also struggle passing though doorways.

If you like smack talk, raging in Barrens chat, and yelling catchy slogans you should become a member of the Horde.

Lok’tar Ogar!


The Alliance
Choose to join the Alliance and you will be blessed with many bake sales.

As a growing Pandaren you will be fighting alongside the shortest races in Azeroth.

If you like baking cupcakes and exchanging recipes along with long walks on the beach you should become a member of the Alliance.

We’ll Keep Trying!

The other big thing with the next x-pac is the pet battle system. Now I know you’re all thinking Pokemon battles since that’s what I hear from various sources. We’ll even look at hosting Pokemon Battles as a regular event with the elusive ‘Pokemon Master’ Medal to win.

Find out more about [url=http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mists-of-pandaria/ target=_blank]Mists of Pandaria[/url] from the Official website.

So who’s going to have a Pandaren come next x-pac?

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