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Having a break from WOW is something I recommend to everyone at some time of their lives. Esp. when you’ve been playing since vanilla. I can honestly say that the breaks I have taken for extended periods of time had mainly been due to holidays away or feeling burnt out/bored with the game.

Most recently you will know that Coolidge and I spent some time off and his most common response after talking about the game was “it was so peaceful for those 10 days.” Now granted a lot of you only play your alts in this Guild and most of you have killed the end boss in Firelands thus far. That’s great news and a small part of me wishes I could have been there to experience it with you, but pls keep in mind that this is the main Guild for a lot of us so when it comes to our weekend raids it’s still important that we can maintain progression and if we have a new kill one week, we expect to not go backwards in progression the following weeks.

I also realise that we all have RL issues and of course RL comes before game. However, pls let us know ASAP if you know you won’t be able to make the raid – or at the very least be late (leave early). Some of you are vigilant at doing this from using the Shoutbox, sms’ing or letting Cool +/or I know beforehand. So thx for that!

Just keep in mind that to have a cohesive environment for raiding and Guild camaraderie; good communication is in order as well as a somewhat serious attitude when it comes to raid progression. While it may be nice to top the meters during a boss fight, if the end result doesn’t see the boss killed then there’s something wrong here.

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