Silver Dragon

Look Who’s a Rare Now

If you were around as a Horde player in vanilla, this lion used to be pretty tricky to tame or even see if you were a hunter looking to tame this beauty – or even just to do the quest.

The only other cat to share this skin was Echeyakee in The Barrens. Both the result of quest summons. The former was the result of a quest asking you to slay Shy-Rotam (an elite)  in Winterspring. Once she gets to ~50%, her mate spawns. Back in the day this used to be a group quest since he had an annoying AoE fear ability. The other thing was that once Shy-Rotam was killed, Sian-Rotam would despawn so a co-ordinated gp would be required.

The hardest thing was not necessarily killing Shy-Rotam for the quest but farming the meat from other cats – used to lure Shy-Rotam in the first place. This one piece of quest meat had a pretty poor drop rate and if you failed the first time in completing the quest, you had another farming session to look forward to.

Since Blizzard has made things so easy to level now, it appears you don’t even need to farm the meat any more. From what I’ve noticed lately, you’ll generally find Shy-Rotam casually hanging around her rock.

Herbing on my Druid yesterday, I managed to see Sian-Rotam peacefully sleeping not to far from his mate under Frostsaber Rock. The spawn rate doesn’t seem to be too long either as I managed to see him again a few hours later that night.


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