Class Change

Coolidge first showed me this little trick in Mannoroc Coven, Desolace. When you kill demons in the area, you get a magic debuff called Felblood. Stacking this to 5 allows you to become Fel-infused.


You can also get this effect in other areas and from what I’ve read it will also transform your pets as well; so next time you’re in the area on one of your digs or questing, have some fun  :)

Guild Page

We FINALLY did it!

MischiefUs has it’s very own Guild Page to use. I must say that Dwarf Warlocks were the hardest to find; with Dwarf Mages coming in second, at least for us. In fact I was almost inclined to think they didn’t exist until I made a habit of looking at the Alliance tally before each match started.

Tonight I was almost giddy when I saw the last one we needed in an AV match. Let’s just say this particular Dwarf had a pretty persistent stalker for a while. :P

Crabby and Pandarens the next race?

Have you seen Crabby the Helper yet? Very similar to the Microsoft Office helper… Providing you with handy hints and upcoming changes – today he told me that priests are getting a buff… who woulda thunk it?? Don’t believe me? Visit your Armory page today and see for yourself :P


In other news, two new Halloween masks have been found on the 4.1 PTR data files. If the past is any indication of future races being in the next expansion then I predict a bit of Panda Mania to ensue. To whet your taste buds, check out the trailer below :)

Edit: So who was caught out with the April Fools Jokes this year? I must admit the wings would have been cool…

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