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Class Change


Cymre 85 Warlock

Coolidge first showed me this little trick in Mannoroc Coven, Desolace. When you kill demons in the area, you get a magic debuff called Felblood. Stacking this to 5 allows you to become Fel-infused. You can also get this effect in other areas and from what I’ve read it will also transform your pets as well; so next time you’re in the area on one of your digs or questing have some fun  :)

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Guild Page


We FINALLY did it!

MischiefUs has it’s very own Guild Page to use. I must say that Dwarf Warlocks were the hardest to find; with Dwarf Mages coming in second, at least for us. In fact I was almost inclined to think they didn’t exist until I made a habit of looking at the Alliance tally before each match started.

Tonight I was almost giddy when I saw the last one we needed in an AV match. Let’s just say this particular Dwarf had a pretty persistent stalker for a while. :P

Crabby and Pandarens the next race?


Crabby at your service

Have you seen Crabby the Helper yet? Very similar to the Microsoft Office helper… Providing you with handy hints and upcoming changes – today he told me that priests are getting a buff… who woulda thunk it?? Don’t believe me? Visit your Armory page today and see for yourself :P

In other news, two new Halloween masks have been found on the 4.1 PTR data files. If the past is any indication of future races being in the next expansion then I predict a bit of Panda Mania to ensue. To whet your taste buds, check out the trailer below :)

Edit: So who was caught out with the April Fools Jokes this year? I must admit the wings would have been cool…

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