Discovery: Uldum

When it seems like things are getting a little mundane with all that raiding, farming and Archaeology; spare a thought for those other famous explorers like Marco Polo and Captain Cook.

Uldum has got to be my all-time favourite discovery in Cata, so it’s only fitting that it ended up being the subject of our EPIC photo op.

Good work Coolidge on your EPIC navigating skills :)

Rare Elite – Garr

Not bad. Our 2nd Group rare in 2 days!
Just 2 more and our Group Rare collection will be complete.

We tackled this familiar foe with 5 people using 3 ranged DPS to avoid his Massive Eruption – which deals Fire damage to nearby enemies. Although you can pull him without his adds they did have a certain affinity for Fae’s pet :P Thank goodness for Feign :)

His other 2 abilities:

  • Magma Shackles – Reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies by 60% for 10 sec.
  • Antimagic Pulse – Dispels magic on nearby enemies, removing 1 beneficial spell effect.

…didn’t pose much of a problem.

Like the others, you can’t kite too far from when you pull him as he will reset. We managed to keep him close to the tree towards the middle of his pathing route and managed to rotate him around the tree as the adds patrolled past. The fight itself took ~20mins due to his location I suspect, higher level and all that.

Garr’s Girdle of Memories
(He now drops Garr’s Reinforced Girdle of Memories)

Rare Elite – Mobus

Here’s our 2nd Group Rare kill taken in the Abyssal Depths of Vashj’ir. The kill itself took ~12mins with five level 80’s.

Mobus has 4 abilities:

  • Algae clouds which can be easily moved out of once he has targeted someone;
  • Ram which had our tank using a CD for every cleave;
  • Wake basically our DPS kept to one side of him for the duration; and
  • Enrage which he will do towards the end.

We actually used 2 healers but could probably have used one as long as everyone watched out for his abilities. All in all, I had to hymn once and fiend in addition to 3 innervates :P That’s DPS/healing though.

Mobus’s Vile Halberd
(He now drops Mobus’s Dripping Halberd)

Current feelings about Disc Healing

Current feelings about Disc Healing

First of all it bugs me when I hear comments that we don’t really need mitigation in our raid (in other words we want pure heals). Guess what? Disc isn’t just about mitigating damage; we can heal too and we have a HUGE arsenal of tools we can draw on to keep a raid group up.

I absolutely love the fact that we aren’t bubble bots like we were for some of Wrath. Esp. since different bosses require different spells to get the job done. Fights like Halfus is famous for allowing us to Smite heal due to the damage buff we get. Other fights value more group healing through POH and our guaranteed Aegis effects. I still like single healing though and with the multiple Grace effects means I can comfortably focus on keeping the tank group up if not just focusing on the 2 or so tanks we have for fights.

If I wanted to top the meters I could just spam my shields continuously throughout every fight but that’s not what disc is all about. I can honestly say that it requires a bit of skill to play disc properly. So thank you Blizzard for bringing back this kind of play to the game.

I’ve had all types of comments in raids (part. in WotLK) when a certain shaman in a MSFUS ToC Pug gp thought my heals were “ungodly”. Compare that the other end of the spectrum where the RL just cared about what you could see in recount or the like. Bottom healer in Wrath meant you weren’t doing your job and were expendable. If you wanted someone who could just push a few buttons to spam some healing spells you’re missing out on what my spec can bring to the game. Preventing damage can equate to another class that would just heal the amount you absorbed. ATM my Aegis can absorb up to 51K in damage. Is that not valuable in a situation where you’re expecting a lot of incoming damage? It also means that other healers can focus on other players. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing our jobs or twiddling our thumbs.

So bring it on!
I look forward to adding some more kills to my raiding experience soon…

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