Rare Elite – Akma’hat


I usually like to sleep in on Sundays but this could be one of the few exceptions to the rule. After Coolidge called me with a brief, yet urgent “Get on, please get on, Get on!” 000 call; I quickly learnt that he had found one of the Group rares in Uldum – Akma’hat.

He has the following abilities:

  • Fury of the Sands – Sand boulders erupt in all directions, dealing Physical damage on impact.
  • Sands of Time – Behold the sands of time! Reduces haste of some nearby enemies within 60 yards for 15 sec.
  • Shockwave – Deals 95000 to 105000 Physical damage in a cone in front of the caster, affecting all enemies up to 50 yards away.
  • Stone Mantle – Surrounds the caster in a mantle of stone that absorbs incoming damage. Increases damage dealt for as long as the mantle holds.

After a quick summon and 7 in the raid, we gave it a go and after an epic 10 minute battle he was eating the very sand he was standing in just a few seconds earlier. Not too hard a fight either. Looking forward to the next one :)

Belt of a Thousand Mouths
He now drops Belt of a Thousand Gaping Mouths


  1. Woot! And a big thank you to Coolidge for finding this and getting us all there.

    My favorite part was the first attempt. Poor Shade =(

  2. Great Rare find and again thanks to all that helped kill it. ^.^

    Apologize again to Shade for getting him killed =p … I am a rare extraordinaire tracker! so I will keep a eye out for more group rares.

    And….thanks for the great pics cym of my epic butt flexing by smacking his foot.

  3. You know what… you’re right Coolidge. It’s even glowing with its awesomeness!

    Oh wait… thought you were talking about Cym’s butt =P


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