Phase 4: When Elementals Attack!

This is the event taking place immediately before Patch 4.0.3: The Shattering. The Twilight Hammer is on a mission to infiltrate the Horde’s most vital city – Orgrimmar. Agents of the cult have set camps outside the city, and their doomsayers spread chaos among the population. The authorities of the city have employed heroes of all races and experience levels to deal with the infiltration.

In addition to the Twilight Hammer’s hidden assault against the Horde, it seems like the very elements of the world have turned against us. Denizens of the Elemental Plane will attack players on Azeroth and Outland alike. The assault is still easy to hold off, but the elementals are growing in strength, and nobody knows if even major cities in Azeroth will be a refuge…

So with the shattering of the world as we know it in less than a month, what are you most looking forward to when Cataclysm hits? What will you be doing first? Some will be levelling, some exploring maybe even starting a new character or faction change… atm it feels a bit like – so many things to do so little time >.<

Personally I can’t wait to start Archaeology and would like to explore the old world changes. I didn’t get the Explorer title on a whim you know :P

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