Taking Leave

Some of you may have wondered about the sudden departure from Khadgar recently. I will admit the transfer happened kind of suddenly but first let me say this. I have been on Khadgar since vanilla and have stayed on this server for one main reason. He knows who he is… Khadgar is a server suited to people who live on  the east coast of the States which means that for the majority of the time I am left to my own devices for something to do – especially my evenings which would be past midnight for most of you guys.

Over the last 6 months this entailed levelling up 2 more 80 toons. In terms of raids, we only raided on my Sat/Sun during the day and your Fri/Sat nights. If one day didn’t happen some seemed resentful and depressed. Some people also don’t seem to realise that Coolidge and like to raid together. If he is not there, I choose not to raid. A couple of years ago a lot of my friends who I used to play with moved servers and was something I had contemplated doing for a long time. Not too seriously though as there were certain reasons and people that kept me here.

On that last day however, I was told that my main reason for staying on Khadgar was going to change servers that night so we made a move to an Oceanic server; one that matched my time zone. This meant no more getting up at 4 or 6am just to do the fishing comp /joy! I’m still getting used to the idiosyncrasies of the server though, some are fairly similar to Khadgar and others are a nice change, such as relating to what people as talking about in chat now. Anzac Day being a recent subject.

To the members that were left behind I still regret the way things played out at the end. I’m sure you’ll all find nice homes and I hope Rak and Tikk’s wedding was all they dreamed it could be. Wishing you both a long and happy marriage with good health. I also wish Happy a speedy recovery and for his son too. Some of these things and personalities I will miss.

Author: Cymre

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