Treasure Missions

When Blizzard said there would be lucrative treasure missions in the garrison, they weren’t kidding. I was lucky enough to get Archmage Vargoth’s Staff a while ago which has since been renamed Archmage Vargoth’s Spare Staff.

Since then, I’ve had numerous other quests which offer some pretty nice rewards like the 1000x Apexis Crystals below –  a new form of currency (used to purchase anything from pets to armour).

rare missions

Now take a closer look at that level 98 rare mission above. Notice anything interesting? OMG! Those are Halaa tokens but look at how many you get as a reward!! All I needed was a high enough follower with the right counter to Minion Swarms. Luckily, Abu’gar was free and 2 levels above the requirement so I was guaranteed success.

With a few expansions between BC and now, it’s a little annoying to see the tokens are still soulbound, meaning I have a various number of battle and research tokens spread across several toons. Over the years, I’ve tried farming the rest of the battle tokens but World PVP is pretty non-existent these days given the location so it’s never really worked out… ’til now.

I was curious to see how many tokens I actually had so I summoned my trusty butler to see the final tally. With an extra 23x Battle Tokens and 15x Research Tokens, I’m well on my way to collecting both mounts (on live).

Here’s what you need for both:

This means I’m only 47x Battle Tokens shy but knowing my luck, they’re probably sitting in my hunter’s bank right now. Maybe it’s time to farm those extra tokens after all… or wait until I get the mission again.

Warcraft Movie Update

The past nine months have not given away many details but I thought it was high time for an update. The first six actors were revealed back in December with another two later that month. However, in April we had our first glimpse at a shot from the movie set (as seen in Empire Magazine) giving us a sneak peek at the throne room in Stormwind.

warcraft set photo

In San Diego, Legendary gave fans an exclusive look at some of the movie props during this year’s Comic-Con along with some concept art and a short teaser. Below you can see:

A savage orc weapon unleashed in the name of the Horde
Dragon Sword: 
This gleaming blade is wielded in the name of the Alliance
Lion Shield:
 Symbol of the strength of Azeroth

warcraft props comic-con

Unfortunately, if you didn’t attend the con yourself,  there’s no chance of seeing the teaser but here’s what I’ve been able to gather from several online sources.

A storm is coming in.

The Alliance armoury is bristling with swords, shields, pikes and lion-crested shields. We see a bearded knight with long brown hair (Travis Fimmel) dressed in black shining armour trimmed with gold. Voiceover: “I’ve spent more time protecting my king than my own son,” He draws his sword…

There’s a discarded suit of armour. He takes the shield from a skeleton. He’s gearing up.
Lots of men in armour and some banners. “Does that make me loyal or a fool?

We cut to ranks of Alliance soldiers including Lothar (Travis Fimmel) seated on a throne (viewers seemed to be really impressed with the details of the throne room).

Now a strange, alien desert with a growing green sky…

We cut to the Horde orcs:  big, brawny, with big-ass axes, roaming the plains of Durotar. They’re mean-looking and savage, less caricatured than the orcs of World of Warcraft but not a million miles from the aesthetic seen in the game’s cinematic intro cutscenes. “I’ve led thousands of warriors into battle,” says an orc voice. “Does that make me a leader or a coward?”

warcraft movie concept art dark portal

The footage then kicks into montage mode, cutting between men and orcs hoisting weapons. There’s a glimpse of the Dark Portal, hinting at the orcs’ previous home of Draenor. The orc talks about his home being destroyed and asks, “Is war the only answer?”

And then it begins.

A slew of quick shots include a nefarious-looking Dominic Cooper, Medivh (played by Ben Foster) powering up a spell, and a green-skinned Paula Patton aggressively licking someone. Lothar in full Alliance armour dives into battle on the back of a gryphon, then a soldier climbs onto an orc’s back before plunging his blade into the orc’s chest. Just as the orc’s blade comes down, it cuts to the opening title – WARCRAFT!

For a film that’s been described as Game of Thrones meets Avatar, it’s not surprising to read that filming only took four months. I hoped the CGI aspect would be as impressive as Avatar and even some of the trailers produced by Blizzard themselves. With reactions like these, it seems entirely possible, especially with another year and a half of post-production work to look forward to.

So with actors portraying the orcs and Industrial Light & Magic (a division of Lucasfilms, Ltd) taking care of the effects, it should be nothing short of spectacular. It turns out that this was the company that gave us Avatar as well as the recent Star Trek and Star Wars movies.

We now know Ben Foster will play Mediev with Travis Fimmel playing Anduin Lothar (as confirmed by those who saw the teaser). I can totally see Paula Patton playing a kick-ass orc after watching her in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. It’s believed she will play Garona with Toby Kebbel playing Khadgar as seen on IMDB but this has since been removed.

The following actors have also been linked to the film:

Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie (known for Momento and Battlestar Galactica) may be playing the role of Moroes.

Ben Schnetzer

Ben Schnetzer (known for Pride, The Book Thief and Ben’s Plan) but his role is unknown.

Daniel Cudmore

Daniel Cudmore (known for the X-Men series and the Twilight Saga) but his role is also unknown.

Ryan Robbins

Lastly, Ryan Robbins (known for Sanctuary, Apollo 18 and Walking Tall) may be playing the role of Karos. I wasn’t sure who Karos was but I’ve read he may refer to Karos Razok the bat master located in The Sepulcher.

So until the movie is officially released on March 11, 2016, I guess we’ll have to make do. Then again, there should be two Blizzcons before that date so here’s hoping for a trailer or something in November.

The question remains, will this be the first successful movie based on a video game? Chris Metzen said he would like this to be the biggest movie out there and to give other franchises a run for their money.

All I can say is, I really hope so.

The Tale of the Pygmy Cow

When I heard the Pygmy Cow would be unique to the garrison barn, it became a valid choice to build one, especially when it only required 25 Work Orders to unlock the level 3 blueprint. I imagined having to battle one once my level 3 barn was completed but that wasn’t quite the case. It turns out the pet comes from a Warm Glass of Milk spawning somewhere in the building.

So after fully upgrading my barn, I was excited to add the pet to my collection but after several days, I had nothing to show for it. I became more and more perplexed after checking the barn several times a day but there was no milk in sight. I had read it can spawn on the 1st level of the barn but there was no easy way to walk upstairs. I wondered if there was supposed to be a valid way up there since the ladder was just for show but received no confirmation.

If you have access to the Goblin Workshop, @JiangWing revealed you can use the XD-57 rocket but as an engineer, I hoped the goblin glider would prove just as useful. After finding a way up the closest garrison wall, I jumped…

and the rest, as they say, is history.

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